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  • What is Resistance HQ Publishing?
    Resistance HQ Publishing is a company that creates and distributes physical guitar tab books, as well as digital guitar tab books.
  • How do I get my digital guitar tabs once I buy them?
    Once you purchase the digital guitar tab book(s), you will be sent a link to download a zip folder that has the Guitar Pro 7 files, as well as the PDF print ready files.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    We sure do! Shipping times to various countries/regions can take extra time, though.
  • How long does shipping normally take?
    The physical guitar tab books are sent with the United States Post Office. Delivery times will vary for international orders, but if you are in the United States, you can expect to receive your book(s) within a week of shipping.
  • I'd like to have my music made into guitar tab books. What's the process for that?
    The process is pretty simple. You provide us with the music from your album. If you have the stem files to the songs, that would be ideal. We then transcribe your music and turn it into guitar tab format. We go back and forth with you to make sure that your music is transcribed as accurately as possible. Send us a message to go further into detail.
  • Do the artists receive money from the sale of these guitar tabs?
    They certainly do! The artists receive royalty payments from each sale of the physical books and/or the digital files. When you purchase from Resistance HQ Publishing, you are helping to support that artist.
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